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In this class I would like to challenge you, to be brave and paint big. I would also like to challenge you to display and use your art! I think that when we challenge ourselves and step outside our comfort zone we grow as artists. We grow in our skills and we grow as individuals.

In this class we will paint big and then cut it up and use it in different projects. By knowing that the big painting does not have to be a final painting it is easier to let go and just do. We will practice to listen to our intuition and find our flow by painting on a large piece of paper, carboard or un-stretched canvas. When knowing that it does not have to become a finished painting we can be brave and let go and just trust our inner voice.
I have put together a series of steps to help you to not get stuck in the details when painting big. I hope that somewhere in the process you can find your own flow, let go of your own critique (and even my steps), and just follow your own intuition!

I then focus on the areas that I like. I cut out a section of the canvas that I really like and I continue to develop it into a painting. In the last video I use the rest of the canvas for different things. Here I hope you will be brave and show your art to others.

Course content

The class is including 1 hour of videos

  • Video 1 – Introduction and art supply
  • Video 2 – Paint Big and 5 steps to let go
  • Video 3 – Be Brave and cut the canvas
  • Video 4 – Use your art

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